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Update: format-bytes Version 0.0.5

Tue, 2018/08/14 - 02:00
This new version has many new features and options. First there is the remainder (*) when using option -f to specify a parsing format. For example, -f “<i25s” directs format-bytes to interpret the provided data as a little-endian integer followed by a 25-byte long string: With the remainder (-f “<i25s*”), format-bytes will provide info for the remaining bytes (if any) after parsing (e.g. after the 25-byte long string): Options -c and -s changed ito -C and -S, so that option -s can be used to select items (to be consistent across my tools). Option -s can be used to select an item, like a string, to be dumped (options -a, -x and -d). If no dump option is provided, an hex-ascii dump (-a) is the default. And option –jsoninput can be used to process JSON output produced by oledump.py or zipdump.py, for example.   format-bytes_V0_0_5.zip (https)
SHA256: AD43756F69C8C2ABF0F5778BC466AD480630727FA7B03A6D4DEC80743549845A
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