peepdf v0.1 released: a tool to analyse/modify malicious PDF files

After some time of inactivity in the blog I return with good news. I released the first version of peepdf last Friday. peepdf is a Python tool to explore PDF files in order to find out if the file can be harmful or not. The aim of this tool is provide all the necessary components that a security researcher could need in a PDF analysis without using three or four tools to make all the tasks. With peepdf it's possible to list all the objects in the document showing the suspicious elements, supports all the most used filters and encodings, it can parse different versions of a file, object streams and encrypted files. With the installation of Spidermonkey and Libemu it provides Javascript and shellcode analysis wrappers too. It is also able to create new PDF files and to modify existent ones. Thanks to the BackTrack team peepdf is included in the last version of this security distribution:



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