peepdf news: GitHub, Google Summer of Code and Black Hat

Two months ago Google announced that Google Code was slowly dying: no new projects can be created, it will be read only soon and in January 2016 the project will close definitely. peepdf was hosted there so it was time to move to another platform. The code is currently hosted at GitHub, way more active than Google Code:


If you are using peepdf you must update the tool because it is pointing to Google Code now. After executing -u the tool will point to GitHub and it will be able to be up to date with the latest commits. The peepdf Google Code page will also point to GitHub soon.


Another important announcement is that Rohit Dua will be the student who will work with peepdf this summer in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC). I initially presented three ideas to improve peepdf through The Honeynet Project:



Unfortunately, no too many slots were assigned to The Honeynet Project and we had to choose the best proposals for all the projects. Luckily, at least one out of the three peepdf projects will be finished after the summer :) The chosen project was project 13, adding a scoring system. The idea is that peepdf gives a score of maliciousness after parsing and analyzing a PDF document. This score will be the result of weighting several indicators which will be researched during the project like the presence of obfuscated or malformed elements, encryption, Javascript code, etc, etc. I am sure Rohit will do a really great job and this new feature will be really useful to decide faster if a PDF file is harmful or not.


The project will start on the 26th of May and will be finished in mid-August. Keeping in mind that I sent a submission to present peepdf at the Black Hat Arsenal again, that would be a really nice opportunity to show the new functionality to the audience. We will cross fingers to be at the Arsenal again ;)

Black Hat Arsenal Peepdf