Language: Python

Publication date: 2008-09-24

Description: Script that implements a XOR bruteforcing of a given file, although a specific key can be used too. It's possible to look for a word in the xored result, minimizing the output.

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Usage: xorBruteForcer -k xor_key file [search_pattern]
file: the source file to be xored.
search_pattern: pattern that must be found in the xored result.
-k xor_key: key used in the XOR function (00-ff). If not specified, all the possible values will be tested (bruteforcing).


# xorBruteForcer -k 25 geoloc > geoloc_xored_25
# xorBruteForcer geoloc_xored_25 GEoIpTOOl > out
Pattern found using the following keys: ['0X5', '0X25']