NFC CreditCard Reader


Language: C

Publication date: 2012-12-21

Description: Program based on readnfccc (by Renaud Lifchitz) to read some private data from credit cards, like cardholder, Permanent Account Number (PAN), expiry date, etc., using NFC technology. It has been tested with Spanish contactless credit cards, but can also be used with other countries cards. Take a look at this post (Spanish) and this video.

Requirements: libnfc (and an NFC reader, of course!)

Download it!



After installing libnfc, just compile the code:

$ gcc nfc_creditcard_reader.c -lnfc -o nfc_creditcard_reader

Place an NFC credit card close to the reader and execute it:

$ ./nfc_creditcard_reader
[-] Connecting...
[+] Connected to NFC reader
[-] Looking for known card types...
[+] 14443B card found!!
[-] Looking for known AIDs (VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, CB)...
[+] VISA found!!

Cardholder name: ESPARZA MU&OZ/JOSE
PAN: 42** **** **** 6019
Expiration date: 05/2017

Issuer Public Key Certificate:
66eb7255969cd06dc9b959ac501b2506705afb5d94166ccb4bb9427ce38a87ea9f57060e1c80f 691e35073d2dd0ab12463b864b29798c32178a7ca4d30c95c45667982bd8e2af70bc1797b0...

ICC Public Key Certificate:
40e9955902a1eb19bb7d104f08f85db1b188d98955068a79fda803126f1ce5b74dda002849347 042c036eff67ace4397952824c3e9041179d04955e1c81e6dfa67763387005c45efd8f2d91...