WzdFTPD < 8.1 Denial of Service

ID: CVE-2007-0428  BID-22131  BID-22152

Product: WzdFTPD is a ftp server designed to be modular and portable, work under linux/win32/freebsd/openbsd, and to be entirely configurable online using SITE commands. It supports SSL, IPv6, multithreading, external scripts, and it uses Unix-like permissions and ACLs, with virtual users and groups.

WzdFTPD project also supports bandwidth limitation (per user, per group, or globally), group administrators, and per command authorization.

Scope: Remote Denial of Service

Severity: Medium


  • [2006-12-26] Vulnerability discovered
  • [2007-01-08] Vendor contacted (without answer)
  • [2007-01-19] Vulnerability published
  • [2007-01-31] Patched

Platforms: Any

Author: Jose Miguel Esparza

Affected versions: WzdFTPD < 8.1

Description: This vulnerability it's due to a bad truncation of blocks and later ruling out of the characters carriage return (\r), line feed (\n) and horizontal tab (\t) after authentication, resulting in a null character that the function chtlb_lookup is not able to handle.

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