Troopers13 conference - Day 2

I started the second day with the Marcus Niemietz's talk “UI Redressing Attacks on Android Devices” about the chances to cheat on the users using hidden layers to perform unwanted actions. After this, another mobile subject, Peter Kieserberg shared his ideas about the use of QR codes as a vector attack.

After lunch it was Sergey Bratus and Travis Goodspeed's turn to speak about the security of USB ports, telling how it is possible to compromise the whole system via a unattended USB port. This was a really interesting talk that one can explore by himself taking a look at some good documentation on Travis' blog.



The talk “We Came In Peace – They Don’t: Hackers vs. CyberWar” by FX was next. He gave his opinion about the actual cyberwarfare and the difference between the point of view of Governments and cybersecurity experts about this subject. Some ideas from his talk: avoid the use of 0-days as weapons through Full-Disclosure, learn how to protect you playing CTFs and don't give up.
The last talk of the day for me was  “Smart TV Security” by Beist. I really enjoyed this talk where Beist explained how he put a backdoor in a Smart TV new model to connect remotely (reverse shell) and stream the images captured by the TV video camera. The good thing is that he brought his own Smart TV with him to perform a live demonstration! With this system they don't need Big Brother anymore, scary...



The closing speech by Enno Rey included the challenge awards, some videos of the conference and they also gave the date for Troopers14, 17th – 21th March 2014, so let's remember these days...;) But the conference day didn't end there, because I had the opportunity to assist to the speakers dinner in a really nice place and to the open bar party after this.

During these days I shared a lot of moments with the Spanish-speaking section of the conference: Mariano Nuñez and Juan Perez-Etchegoyen who had given a talk and had participated in a workshop about SAP security and forensics, and Nahuel Grisolía who was the RFID training teacher. Thanks to this alliance Argentina-Spain and the really close treatment from the Troopers organization (special mention to Enno Rey, Florian Horsch and Daniel Mende) I felt like at home. Without a doubt this is one of the conferences I will attend again because it is really familiar, not crowded and with a very technical atmosphere (and a lot of Club Mate and Cola Mate too!). I really recommend Troopers to everyone, you won't be disappointed ;)

Troopers13 conference - Day 1